A flexible solution that saves you money

A-Series™ Duo allows you to operate two highly sophisticated A-Series™ with Display One-Time Code (OTC) locks independently, utilizing just one keypad.  Designed for applications where dual authentication is required or user access is limited, A-Series™ Duo is the ideal solution applications such as:
  • Island ATMs with two vault areas
  • CEN 4 safes requiring two EN1300 Class B locks
  • Vault doors and rooms
  • Kiosks with multiple compartments 
With A-Series™ Duo, you don’t need to purchase multiple locking solutions to secure a secondary door.  A-Series™ Duo is a flexible solution, allowing you to secure a primary and secondary door - all in one easy-to-use solution – saving you money! 

With two locks connected, you can easily control vault door access through one of Three Modes of Operation. 

2 Doors, 1 Exclusive Entry Lock Operation

  1. Select Lock 1 or Lock 2 to perform normal operation
  2. Only one of the locks may be open at any given time
  3. When either of the locks is in open position, you cannot deselect the lock until the lock is secure.

    Ideal Application: Locks are installed on two doors but only 1 door should be accessed at any given time
mode 1 gif

1 Door, 2 Locks Extended Operation

  1. While Lock 1 is open, you can deselect the lock and select Lock 2 to perform an opening.
  2. Lock 1 has an extended (45 second) opening and extended door switch detection time. This allows time needed to deselect Lock 1 and select Lock 2 after Lock 1 is opened.
  3. The BPI wires from Lock 2 are connected to the door switch wires of Lock 1 which prevent the closing of Lock 1 until Lock 2 is secure. 

    Ideal Application: Two locks are used to control the opening of one door
mode 2 gif

2 Doors, 2 Independent Locks Operation

  1. Allows for use of 2 locks as separate entities.  You do not need to use the lock in sequence. 
  2. While a lock is open you can deselect the lock and select the opposite lock to perform an opening. The difference between mode 2 and mode 3 is that the primary lock opening is normally timed.

    Ideal application
    : Two doors that operate independent of one another
mode 3 gif

1 Keypad Connected to 1 Lock

  1. Normal ASWD operating mode with 1 keypad attached to 1 lock.
  2. When the lock is opened after 6 seconds the lock will attempt to secure.
  3. If a door switch is connected at the time of the opening the lock will wait until the door switch is connected for a minimum of 3 seconds before securing.
default mode gif

See How-To Operate the A-Series™ Duo - including programming and service details - check out the video.  



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